Small Travel Kettles

How To Buy Best Travel Kettle

Small travel electric kettles are the most useful thing and best water-heating appliance when you are traveling. If you’re staying in a forest hotel or camping with your car, there’s only on the universal truth:

“Everybody loves Coffee and Tea….”

And to fulfill such demands, we need boiling water. As you know, everybody heats up the water with a kettle when staying at home.

It doesn’t matter where we are, and we do, we just want to bring that home-brewed coffee or tea with us. Small travel electric kettles are much compact design and very light in weight. It’s common sense that no one enjoys even the best travel kettles of the year if they occupy half space of your suitcase, Right?

To support you in finding the best small travel kettle deal, we’ve put all the most popular and selling models through our kettle tests, measuring results of how long they take time to boiling water, how easy to handle they are, and we confirm the prices are not hitting your pocket.

Below we’ve shown you the best travel kettles models- they all are easy to use, light in weight and lowest in prices but high in quality.

Swan SK27010N Dual Voltage Travel Kettle with Two Tea Cups, 1kW, 0.4L, White/Purple
KINGAVON Cordless Kettle, 1 Litre, 900 W, White
Quest 35690 Dual Voltage Travel Kettle, 0.5 Litre, 600 W, Black
1 Litre White 900w Electric Cordless Kitchen Kettle Caravan Travel Hot Water Jug - Overheat Thermostat
VonShef Travel Kettle with 2 Cups - Portable and Compact Design - 0.5L
NETTA 1000W Electric Portable Dual Voltage Travel Jug Kettle 0.5L with 2 Cups
Aicok Travel Kettle 0.5 L, 110V/240V Dual Voltage Electric Kettle Fast Boil Water Jug, 2 Cups, Portable ,650w, Black
Kenwood Discovery JKP250 Kettle - White
Russell Hobbs Chester Compact Kettle 20190, 1 L, 2200 W - Polished Stainless Steel
Price Crunchers Electric Foldable Kettle 0.8 Litre 240V

What to Look in a Travel Kettle?

Choosing a best small travel kettle isn’t a big deal if you know what to look for. So, below are some points of consideration when buying a travel kettle.


Travel kettles are made from various type of materials, like plastic, stainless steel etc. While stainless-steel promises durability and long-life, plastic travel kettles are the best choice if your requirement is lightweight.


Next point of consideration is the capacity of the travel kettle. And this totally depends on how often you drink coffee or tea, and how many people are traveling with you. If you’re planning a vacation with your family members or group of friends, you obviously need a large capacity travel electric kettle.

On another hand, if you required only a cup of tea/coffee once a day, you can purchase small travel kettle.

Dual Voltage

Keep in mind that if you’re traveling someplace that is outside from the USA, Canada, Japan, and Mexico, you need to buy a travel electric kettle with dual voltage facility.


An important feature of the electric travel kettle that makes the whole tea/coffee making process easier and comfortable is a light indicator. A light indicator of the electric kettle will help you to know the water is ready.

Stay Cool Handle Feature

Another very beneficial feature that an electric travel kettle should have is a Stay Cool Handle. Because of this feature, you hand will be safe and won’t accidently burn. Also, you have a better grip while pouring your tea or coffee.

Auto- OFF Feature

The most important feature that your electric kettle should have is an Automatic shut off. Safety comes first, not money, and this features guaranteed that your travel kettle is automatically turn off and avoid serious accidents.

Brew Taste

If you’re a person who needs a perfect taste of tea or coffee, then please forgot about plastic travel kettles and opt stainless-steel travel kettles. Most of these kettles will change the original taste of the brew and give it a plastic smelly taste.

Best Price

The last thing is your monthly budget. So, the question is how much money are you going to spend to buy a good small travel electric kettle? Of course, you a tea or coffee lover and shouldn’t destroy your brew taste by purchasing cheap travel kettles modes, because they’re typically poor built quality. You can shop for mid-priced travel kettle, or if you want the entire modern featured travel kettle, don’t step back to spend some extra money on it.

There are lots of options that we showing you above so don’t be afraid of ordering the best travel kettle.

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