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A modern kitchen can't be imagined without an electric kettle. Using the best electric kettle, one can easily boil the water within a few minutes and save lots of time. We know that you don't want to wait longer for boiling water and want your favorite brew as soon as possible. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, or French Press, an electric kettle is required for it.

On this website, we show you selected and quality electric kettles in the UK available on Amazon. In this way, you can save your time and finally easily get the best electric kettle for yourself. Let's start now with fundamentals about the electric kettle.


Qinmo Kettle,Ceramic Electric Kettle Cordless Water Teapot

  • Price : £45.88
  • Sale : £42.88
  • You Save : £3 (7%)

Qinmo Kettle,Ceramic Electric Kettle Cordless Water Teapot

  • Price : £37.4
  • Sale : £35.4
  • You Save : £2 (5%)

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Home Piano Lacquer Retro

  • Price : £52.98
  • Sale : £50.95
  • You Save : £2.03 (4%)

ZHANGYY Electric Ceramic Cordless White Kettle

  • Price : £74.65
  • Sale : £70.65
  • You Save : £4 (5%)

Russell Hobbs 21889 Emma Bridgewater Kettle

  • Price : £79.99
  • Sale : £72
  • You Save : £7.99 (10%)

SMEG Electric Kettle KLF04PKEU, 7 Cups, Pastel Pink

  • Price : £159.95
  • Sale : £155.95
  • You Save : £4 (3%)

Smeg Electric Kettle - Retro 50's, 1.7 litres - Cream

  • Price : £260
  • Sale : £255
  • You Save : £5 (2%)

Smeg KLF04RDEU Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

  • Price : £209.47
  • Sale : £205.47
  • You Save : £4 (2%)

Smeg KLF03BLEU Electric Kettle KLF03BLEU-black, Black

  • Price : £139
  • Sale : £135
  • You Save : £4 (3%)

Smeg KLF04BLEU Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

  • Price : £283.75
  • Sale : £280.75
  • You Save : £3 (1%)

Smeg KLF03SSUK Retro Style Kettle, Water Level Indicator

  • Price : £137.15
  • Sale : £124.95
  • You Save : £12.2 (9%)

Daewoo SDA1696 Skandik 1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Price : £49.99
  • Sale : £39.99
  • You Save : £10 (20%)

KitchenAid Design Onyx Black 1.5L Jug Kettle

  • Price : £121.5
  • Sale : £111.5
  • You Save : £10 (8%)

Prestige 53233 Cordless Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster

  • Price : £45.07
  • Sale : £35.07
  • You Save : £10 (22%)

Prestige Enamel 1.4 Litre Retro Stove Top Kettle

  • Price : £34.99
  • Sale : £31.43
  • You Save : £3.56 (10%)

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What is an Electric Kettle?

There are very few appliances in the kitchen that can be used to boil the water for making tea, coffee, and any other type of hot beverage. However, an electric kettle is one of the most popular appliances in the kitchen. This device not only requires a stove but also can fast boil the water than stovetop kettles which allows you to spend less time in the kitchen.

Electric kettles are portable and convenient to use. You can easily take these kettles with you anywhere you want. Just plug it in the power outlet and you are ready to prepare your favorite brew anytime and anyplace.

Just like traditional kettles, these electric kettles come in different sizes, designs, and capacity, so you can choose anyone according to your needs. In this way, if you are not fond of tea, or coffee, you can buy a small electric kettle that offers 1-1.5L capacity. And if your family is large enough, you can choose a large electric kettle with a capacity of 1.7L or more.

What Features to Compare

Design and Capacity

There are many types of electric kettles available in the market and each of them has its pros and cons. Here, we look at the most popular three categories of electric kettle which include plastic, glass, and stainless steel kettles.

Among all three options, stainless steel electric kettles are the most reliable, durable, and not ruin the taste of the beverage. They are available in different designs and shapes and can be bought at reasonable price tags. Also, they are contained modern features such as removable scale filters to prevent corrosion and limescale deposits inside the kettle.

The downside of stainless steel electric kettles is that these are heavier in weight and tend to be hotter during use. Though, manufacturers solved this issue by build-up kettle with double-wall design and stay-cool handles.

Glass electric kettles are looking stunning and beautiful in design. Nothing can beat the stylish look of these kettles. Also, these kettles are 100% hygienic and safe to use. Plus, due to no chemicals are used in their composition, they will not ruin the taste of the drink. Because these kettles are made from the glass then you need to be more careful while using them as they are more prone to broken.

When it comes to plastic electric kettles, the only reason behind the selling of these kettles is their cheap prices. As compare to stainless steel and glass kettles, plastic electric kettles are lower in price, light in weight, and are easy to port from one place to another. However, some people don't want to use plastic appliances in their kitchen, the main fearsome chemicals that might leak out of into drink when boil.

What you next consider is the power consumption of electric kettle. An electric kettle consumes 1200-1500W and can boil the water within 125 seconds, which is much faster than stovetop kettles. In simple words, powerful kettles take less time to heat the water and required 30-40 seconds to do so.

Another thing to be considered is the heating element. In electric kettles, they can be divided into two: coil and disc.

Coil heating elements: usually making less noise during working, but more prone to limescale build-up. Due to this, cleaning the kettle could be difficult.

Disc heating elements are more durable and less prone to limescale build-up. But the problem is that they aren’t silent and making noise.

Temperature Modes and Controls

Modern electric kettles are loaded with more features than any other traditional stovetop kettle. Best electric kettles are not only design to boil the water, but also can hold the temperature for some time. Holding a specific temperature is very useful to increase the flavor of the drink, especially when you prefer different kinds of tea black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and more.

Day by day, manufacturers add many latest features into electric kettles to increase the user’s convenience. You will find backlighting, or LED lights electric kettles that allows you to use the kettle in the dark. Even some electric kettles are fitted with a screen that shows information and current setting details.

Usability and Extras

You should also consider some extra features of your electric kettle before buying. We help you by showing below some features.

  • Auto shut-off feature: You can protect your electric kettle from overheating by this feature. Once the water was boiled, it automatically shut-off the kettle and prevents overheating.This protects your kettle from further damage and increases its life.
  • Water level indicator: Make it easy for the user to see how much water is left inside the kettle’s tank and when it needs to refill.
  • Automatic kettle lid releaser: Can be very useful feature to ensure the easy filling and cleaning of the electric kettle and it also prevents the residue deposits build-up on the heating element.
  • Timer will help the user to set the time of water heating.

How we test the Electric Kettles?

Just checking how the water is boiling, isn’t sufficient for us.We did lots of things and test to ensure that our readers get their best electric kettle. Some questions that we are answering are:

Before Boil: How easy to operate an electric kettle is? How easy it was to use controls? Is it a practical kettle for consumers?

Boil: How easy to pour drink into cups? Did the water stay inside the kettle, or did it splash out while boiling process? Was there any notification light, or sound?

Post Boil: How much easy it was to clean and store the electric kettle? Does electric kettle design good enough to match the kitchen counter for day to day activities? Finally, how easy it will be to use the electric kettle?

We use scientific methods to closely inspect every product and try to provide accurate results to our readers. If you found different results in your own research, please contact us through email and we’ll compare and consider your work.

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