Traditional Stove Top Kettle


Prestige Enamel 1.4 Litre Retro Stove Top Kettle

  • Price : £34.99
  • Sale : £31.43
  • You Save : £3.56 (10%)

Prestige Enamel 1.4 Litre Retro Stove Top Kettle

  • Price : £22.99
  • Sale : £20.99
  • You Save : £2 (9%)

KitchenAid KTEN20CBIS 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle

  • Price : £120.28
  • Sale : £110.28
  • You Save : £10 (8%)

SWAN Red Pyramid Kettle, 1.7 Litre, Black/Cream

  • Price : £47.46
  • Sale : £37.46
  • You Save : £10 (21%)

2.5L Stainless Steel Lightweight Whistling Kettle New (Red)

  • Price : £53.85
  • Sale : £23.2
  • You Save : £30.65 (57%)

CookSpace (TM) Premium Large 3.5 Litre Stainless Steel Stovetop

  • Price : £24.9
  • Sale : £14.9
  • You Save : £10 (40%)

Prestige Enamel 2 litre Stove-Top Whistling Kettle

  • Price : £43.93
  • Sale : £40.03
  • You Save : £3.9 (9%)

Le Creuset Kone Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle

  • Price : £80
  • Sale : £69
  • You Save : £11 (14%)

KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction Whistling Kettle

  • Price : £34.95
  • Sale : £24.99
  • You Save : £9.96 (28%)

Large Whistling Kettle stainless steel 3.5Ltr

  • Price : £17.97
  • Sale : £14.5
  • You Save : £3.47 (19%)

VonShef Stainless Steel Stove Top Kettle – Whistling Kettle

  • Price : £25
  • Sale : £22.99
  • You Save : £2.01 (8%)

Whistling Kettle 3 L Stove Induction,Gas, Electric Blue

  • Price : £27.99
  • Sale : £17.99
  • You Save : £10 (36%)

Yellowstone Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

  • Price : £19.45
  • Sale : £12.98
  • You Save : £6.47 (33%)

PluieSoleil Square Glass Teapot with Infuser

  • Price : £13.99
  • Sale : £13.29
  • You Save : £0.7 (5%)

Best Stove Top Kettles UK

Many factors must be considered before the shop for a stovetop kettle. The size of your family will also determine the capacity of your kettle, some other factors like durability and material of kettle from which it made.

Types of hobs and weight of the stovetop kettle also play an important part. And, of course, price is one of the determinant factors, but it’s not meant that high price gives you good quality, you can buy good quality stovetop kettle at low prices.

Traditional stovetop kettles are made from steel which offers much greater durability. In modern times, some companies offer glass made stovetop kettles, but it requires extra care and can’t be directly exposed to heat. We must have to consider all these factors for choosing the best stovetop kettle.

How to Choose Best Stovetop Kettle for Your Kitchen?

Choosing the best traditional stovetop kettle is not an easy task. It is not as simple to see a kettle at first sight and buy. As we know that every kitchen is different and the same is with stovetop kettles. This means that just visiting at Amazon, finding a kettle seller, and picking a stovetop kettle is not a good decision.

Here, we guide you to how to buy stovetop kettle which can perfectly fit into your kitchen and increase the décor of your home as well.

What to look when buying a traditional stovetop kettle?

Many factors are come together before you make a decision to buy a best stovetop kettle. Here are some important points that you must take into your consideration.

  • Price: Price is an important factor because no one wants to pay more for a low product. But if you research the market, you can easily find a perfect stovetop kettle for less than £15 or more than £100 according to your budget.
  • Capacity: Capacity means how much water can behold by a kettle. Bigger capacity means bigger kettle in size. Ask some questions to yourself like do you need large kettle? Will it suitable fit into your kitchen? Or you need smaller kettle? Even a medium-sized stovetop kettle of 2 liters is sufficient to make ten cups of tea.
  • Looks: You can find lots of simple and designer stovetop kettles in the market. Some look retro, but some design in modern looks. Design isn't an important factor, but of course, some people want a kettle that matches their theme of the kitchen.
  • Boiling Time: If you want a fasting boiling kettle, then make sure it can fulfill your requirements. The best way to find a perfect kettle is to examine the reviews on Amazon. If boiling time is not your case and you just want a tasty cup of tea or coffee, then ignore this point.
  • Made Material: The highly strong and durable stovetop kettle is made from steel. These kettles have been coated with special paints and varnish to ensure no damages. Cheap price kettles cost you more than a quality-built kettle. It’s worth checking the build material of your kettle before making a purchase.
  • Safety: Quality traditional stovetop kettles offer heat-proofing on handles and knob. But to increase safety, some kettle manufacturers use different types of methods for opening the spout. Modern stovetop kettles use the “One-Touch” button, but some uses lever and few kettles require you to open spout manually. It is recommended to wait for 10 seconds to make the water off from boiling before opening the spout.

Types of Stove Top Kettles

  • Glass Stovetop Kettle: Glass kettles are attractive, beautiful, and you can see your drink from it. These kettles are easy to clean but take time to warm the water.
  • Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle: Stainless steel kettles are easy to clean, durable, and can’t be broken easily. Stainless steel kettles are attractive and come in mirror brushed finish.
  • Cast Iron Stovetop Kettle: Cast iron is durable and excellent to maintain the warmness. It is a dense material and makes the kettle heavier, but can hold up the warmness of drink longer. Iron material is easy to rust, but some models come with a porcelain enamel coating.
  • Aluminium Stovetop Kettle: The aluminum kettle is energy-saving and pocket-friendly. They are heat-resistant, durable, and light-weight which are more prone to dents.
  • Ceramic Stovetop Kettle: Ceramic kettles are looking beautiful and can easily maintain the water temperature. These kettles are rust-free and easy to clean.

Advantages of Stove Top Kettles

  • Affordable: Stovetop kettles are available at a cheap price as compared to electric kettles. These are relying on heat energy, so your electricity bills do not go up.
  • Easy To Clean: Stovetop kettle does not have heating elements and other electronic parts that restrict cleaning.You can easily wash such kettles in your dishwasher, or hand-wash to remove the mineral deposit.
  • Durable: Stainless steel and cash iron made kettles with porcelain enamel make them more durable. Proper cleaning of limescale and mineral deposits can increase the life of your appliance.
  • Portable: If you plan an outdoor adventure, these stovetop kettles can work perfectly for you. All you need just a portable gas stove, or you could build an outdoor fire.
  • Attractive: Traditional stovetop kettles come in different types of shapes, designs, and colors, which can’t affect their functionality. It is easy to choose a stovetop kettle that easily fits with your kitchens decor.
  • Traditional Brewed Way:If you like the traditional way of preparing tea, traditional stovetop kettle is made for you.These kettles make it possible in much easier and slightly better way.

How a Stove Top Kettle Works?

First of all, you need to make sure that the kettle is compatible to your hob. The next step is to pour the water into the stovetop kettle. If you want to brew your tea traditionally, you can use tea infusers, or put the tea bags directly into it.

Place your traditional stovetop kettle on the fire and close the lid tightly. If your kettle has whistleblower, the whistle indicates you that the water is coming at a boiling point. Once you prepared your beverage, empty the kettle by using a push-button to open the sprout. Last, enjoy your tasty brew!


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