Electric Kettles FAQ’s

How we tested electric kettles?

We are tested our kettles on the basis of following criteria:

  1. Good looks electric kettle always enhances the decor, so you prefer to buy kettle that looks beautiful.
  2. Quality fitted lid, good quality switches, and filters- we are tested all these parameters in our selection of kettles.
  3. Speed isn’t a factor that neglected when you are choosing an electric kettle for yourself.For most of us quicker is better. We check our kettles water boiling speed.
  4. Ease of use is also very important aspect. It is not good to buy beautiful kettle which is awkward in use. We are selecting electric kettles that were simple to use, having good grip, and come with easy to read water levels.

How to clean an electric kettle?

We recommend using vinegar, which is commonly used in household and works as a gentle acid that breaks down limescale deposits inside of the kettle. Add half a cup of white vinegar to a kettle tank filled with water and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning, try to repeat the process regularly to avoid heavy residue.

When is it time to change my electric kettle?

A good electric kettle takes 2-4 minutes to boil water. If your kettle takes less time, then it is good, but if it takes more time, then it’s time to replace your electric kettle.

How to choose best electric kettle?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best electric kettle, but two factors are most important: does the kettle work properly, and is it easy to use? Another thing is how much it takes time to boil the water? This can save lots of money on your monthly electricity bill. A non-slippery handle is recommended for safety.

Should the kettle turn off automatically?

It is for safety concern, it is good to get an electric kettle that have auto shut-off feature. If one can’t able to turn-off the kettle on time, it could damage the kettle, or cause huge fire hazard.

Which one is better? Hidden, or immersed element?

Electric kettles with hidden elements have a smaller chance of producing residue build-up, while immersed elements don’t. But it doesn’t mean that submerged elements don’t work well, however it is easier to clean electric kettles with the hidden element.

What size should I consider to buy?

The market is flooded with a broad range of various sizes for electric kettles. It depends upon how many people will use the kettle at a time. If you need 2 cups of tea at a time, 1.5 Liter is ideal, but if your family is big, and needs more cups of tea, you should consider a larger model of the kettle.

Should I choose cordless electric kettle?

Again, safety and easiness come into play. Cordless electric kettles are easy to use and can help to avoid spilling water. You can quickly and conveniently pour the water into cups without the worry of an electrical cord.

How can I avoid choosing noisy kettle?

It is little-bit difficult. Some kettles are featured with noise free boiling, but come with higher price tag. However, after using such models for longer time, it becomesnosier too.

Should I buy electric kettle with extra features?

It is totally personal choice. It depends upon you that what setting you want in your electric kettle. However, one should always consider about safety features, and always makes them at your top priority.