Sabichi Electric Kettles

Sabichi Kettles Inspiring Homemakers Since 1994

Sabichi Haden is one of the most popular and leading small domestic appliances brand in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1958, Sabichi Haden has now over 60 years of experience in producing domestic electric appliances like electric kettles, toasters, mixers, blenders and much more.

Sabichi started out in 1994 with their mission- to bring greatest quality homewares products to the consumers in the UK at a reasonable and great price. We haven’t looked back!

Sabichi has now grown throughout the home steadily, room by room to the kitchen. Now they’ve introduced a wide range of dinner sets, steel pans, electric kettles, and toasters etc. With over 900+ products, we’re always sure there’ll be something for everyone.

Explore Some Finest Electric Kettles Producing By Sabichi Haden

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