Glass Kettles


Philips HD9340 - electric Stainless Steel kettles

  • Price : £73.02
  • Sale : £63.02
  • You Save : £10 (14%)

Team Kalorik Electric Glass Kettle, 1.5 L, 2200 W

  • Price : £44.99
  • Sale : £40.5
  • You Save : £4.49 (10%)

Russell Hobbs 21600-10 Illuminating Glass Kettle

  • Price : £39.99
  • Sale : £29.99
  • You Save : £10 (25%)

Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity Electric Kettle

  • Price : £20.58
  • Sale : £10.58
  • You Save : £10 (49%)

Morphy Richards Glass Kettle Redefine 108000 Jug

  • Price : £51.99
  • Sale : £41.99
  • You Save : £10 (19%)

Morphy Richards 108010 Vetro Glass Kettle, Blue

  • Price : £65.99
  • Sale : £42.81
  • You Save : £23.18 (35%)

Breville 2400 W VKJ813X Kettle, 1.7 litres, Silver

  • Price : £98.25
  • Sale : £88.25
  • You Save : £10 (10%)

Breville VKJ972 BRITA Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle, 1 Litre

  • Price : £49.95
  • Sale : £47.95
  • You Save : £2 (4%)

KitchenAid Artisan 1.5 Litre Glass Tea Kettle Stainless Steel

  • Price : £124.22
  • Sale : £114.22
  • You Save : £10 (8%)

Daewoo SDA1207 Illuminating LED Glass Kettle

  • Price : £39.95
  • Sale : £39.92
  • You Save : £0.030000000000001 (0%)

DAEWOO SDA1670 1.8L Borosilicate Glass, Silver

  • Price : £38.99
  • Sale : £28.99
  • You Save : £10 (26%)

PluieSoleil Square Glass Teapot with Infuser

  • Price : £13.99
  • Sale : £13.29
  • You Save : £0.7 (5%)

Tower T10040BP Glass Kettle with LED Blue Light

  • Price : £27.04
  • Sale : £17.04
  • You Save : £10 (37%)

Sensio Home Electric Cordless Copper Glass Kettle

  • Price : £26.95
  • Sale : £16.95
  • You Save : £10 (37%)

Tower T10040 Fast Rapid Boil Glass Kettle, Cordless

  • Price : £29.99
  • Sale : £29.74
  • You Save : £0.25 (1%)

Best Glass Electric Kettles

Glass electric kettles are booming nowadays. These kettles are looked beautiful and elegant as compared to other electric kettles types such as plastic, or stainless steel. Glass kettles enhance the décor and offer a fresh modern look to your kitchen.

Best electric kettles provide an alternative to the metal and plastics kettles and their associated problems like the metallic taste, rust, toxic chemicals, etc. Another benefit of glass kettles is that it does not contain harmful plastic that spread toxic into the water while boiling. Such kettles also not ruin the flavors of your favorite beverage as plastic kettles do.

The best of glass electric kettles is that they come with a concealed heating element that stops the kettle from overheating.

How To Choose Best Glass Electric Kettle?

Read the below tips if you want a best glass electric kettle for your kitchen that suits your requirements.


Today, you can choose from either old-fashioned or modern design best glass electric kettles. We recommend choosing the best electric kettle that not only suits your needs but also fits with your kitchen décor. For instance, if your kitchen is decorated with red color, try to buy a red electric glass kettle.


There are different types of glass are using to make these electric kettles. Generally, if you want to buy the best glass electric kettle, consider glass kettles that are made from non-slippery and hard to break or crack the glass.


Before buying a glass electric kettle, it is very important to check the features and compare them with other glass kettles available in the market.According to our research, some common features must be available in your kettle:

  • Alarm that will alert you each time when water hot.
  • Timer.
  • Auto Shut-Off.
  • Cordless with 360 degree base preferred.


Compare all the glass electric kettles sizes and choose according to your requirements. Most of the homeowners choose small glass electric kettles as they believe they work best for personal use. However, we suggest you buy large glass kettles capacity from 1.5 to 1.7 Litres, if you are a tea lover, or your family is large.


Glass electric kettle that is come with a non-slippery handle can reduce the chances of brew spills and avoid injuries. Generally, make sure that your glass kettle handle remains cool even when the whole electric kettle is hot. Try not to choose glass electric kettles that are featured with a metal handle because they are more likely to become hot.


Large spout ensures that you are not facing any difficulty while pouring tea or coffee when you are using your glass electric kettle. It is recommended to consider electric kettles that have automatic spout cover option, so you don’t need to always hold the hot flap.

Our Verdict, Your Decision!

Glass electric kettles are looks stunning and beautiful and easily matches with your kitchen décor. Good tea always demands high-quality tea leaves and must be prepared at an accurate temperature. By using the right electric kettle, you can make ordinary brew into an extraordinary beverage. So, make sure you choose the best glass electric kettle to get a perfect cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

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