How Was The Best Electric Kettle 2019 Invented?

Tea kettles are something we all take for granted in or daily lives. Their use dates back to the 1800’s when people used cast iron kettles to heat water and milk for drinks like coffee and tea. Who-Invented-Electric-Kettle

Who Invented Electric Kettle

The early kettles where heated on stoves. These gave way to kerosene kettles in the 1920’s. The appeal of these kettles was that there was no longer a requirement to heat a whole stove to warm water. They did however have a downside, adding fumes to the inside of a house.

By the 1930’s chrome-plated steel kettles were popular in cities where electricity was available. These had a coil under a flat plate to heat water and some had an overload cut-out switch for extra safety.

In 1949 electric based ceramic kettles were available. These boiled water much more efficiently. They were often called jugs because of their shape.

By the 1980’s polymer kettles went on sale. The new materials allowed the jugs to be mass produced lowering their cost. They now have additional features like cut-out switches, whistles and side windows allowing the users to see how much water was in the kettle without lifting the lid or top.

Which Electric Kettle Best Buy in 2019

From then the kettle developed to where it is today with a range of materials, shapes and features which include the recently developed cordless model.

When shopping for a kettle it’s a good idea to have in mind the features you want as well as the budget before you begin shopping best electric kettle.

The key features to consider are maintenance, heat efficiency, design, whistle and side window.

Electric Tea kettles usually range in size from 1.8 to 2.5 quarts. A larger size is ideal for the big family but probably too much if few people in the household drink tea.

The purpose of the whistle on the kettle is to alert you to the fact the water has boiled. For some people this is ideal but others find the high pitch whistle a distraction they would rather do without.

With some kettles there is an auto cut-off switch included with the whistle which means the power is turned off in the kettle when the water has boiled. As the water cools a little, the whistle stops. This is an excellent safety feature.

Kettles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are up right while others have the more traditional kettle shape.

When buying a kettle always satisfy yourself that the steam does not rise onto the handle while the kettle is being boiled.

A handle which is heat resistant and also non-spill spout are other important safety features.

Kettle maintenance is also a factor to consider. Copper and cast iron kettles are higher maintenance than the other options of stainless steel, enamel coated or polymer.

Electric Tea Kettles also come in a wide range of prices with the more durable, highly featured models being at the top of the price range.

~ Best Stainless Steel Kettles ~

Jacob Jensen Designer Electric Kettle, 1.2 Litre, Aluminium
Dualit Classic Kettle 72820 - Chrome with Copper Trim
Russell Hobbs Colour Plus Kettle 20413, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre
Electric Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel Interior Water Kettle Tea Kettle, 1.5L 1500W Cordless Electric Kettle Fast Heating,
Breville Lustra Electric Jug Kettle, 1.7 Litre, Stainless Steel, Storm Grey
Geepas 1.7L Electric Kettle - 3000W Cordless Fast Boil Quiet for General Use, Stainless Steel Body, Otter Controller
Russell Hobbs Cambridge 1.7 L 3000 W Kettle 20070 - Brushed Stainless Steel Silver Kettle
Russell Hobbs 20460 Buckingham Quiet Boil Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Brushed Stainless Steel Silver
Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle 21400 - Black
Electric Kettle 3000W 1.7L Cordless, Stainless Steel, Boil Dry Protection
appkettle AK000001 Stainless Steel Smart Kettle 1.7L 2400W
GOURMETmaxx 07112 Stainless Steel Kettle with Changing Colour Effect
Tefal KI2608 Maison Kettle, 1.7 L - Chalkboard Black
Andrew James Apollo Kettle | Electric Cordless Fast Boil Jug Kettle with Reusable Filter | Double Walled Insulation

~ Best Glass Kettles ~

Perlity Glass Electric Kettle, Portable Rapid Boiling and Automatic Closing
Aigostar Eve 30KHT - Glass Water Kettle with LED Lighting, 2200 Watts, 1.7 Liter, Boil-Dry Protection
Electric Glass Kettle German Borosilicate Glass & 304 Stainless Steel,Very Fast Boil and Quiet with LED Illumination
Morphy Richards Glass Kettle Redefine 108000 Jug Kettle
Stellar Glass Kettle, 1.7 Litre, 3000 W, Silver
Glass Electric Kettle Cordless 1.7L Illuminating Kettle Kitchen
BODUM Bistro Electric Water Kettle, 1.1 L, 37 Oz - Lime
Aigostar Krystal 30KLV - Electric Kettle with Temperature Control, Keep Warm and Dechlorination Function, Removable Tea Infuser, 2200W

~ Best Plastic Kettles ~

Russell Hobbs 23840 Compact Travel Electric Kettle, Plastic
1 Litre White 900w Electric Cordless Kitchen Kettle Caravan Travel Hot Water Jug
De'Longhi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle - Cream
Streetwize SWK1 Car Kettle 12 V
VYTRONIX CUP01 3000W Fast Boil One Cup Kettle 300ml Instant Hot Water Dispenser Boiler
MLITER Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2.5 Litre Capacity Boiling Kettle Machine BPA Free
De'Longhi Avvolta KBA3001BK Kettle - Black
Electric Kettle-12V
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