Travel Electric Kettles


DGF Travel Portable Mini-stainless Steel Electric Kettle

  • Price : £80.77
  • Sale : £70.77
  • You Save : £10 (12%)

Kenwood JKM076 Brushed Steel 0.5 litre Travel

  • Price : £46.22
  • Sale : £36.22
  • You Save : £10 (22%)

Kenwood White Plastic Travel Kettle jug - JKP250

  • Price : £38.38
  • Sale : £28.38
  • You Save : £10 (26%)

Swan SK19010N 0.5 Litre Travel Jug Plastic Kettle

  • Price : £21.73
  • Sale : £20.73
  • You Save : £1 (5%)

Swan Travel Set Stainless Steel Kettle, Iron and Kettle

  • Price : £22.99
  • Sale : £12.99
  • You Save : £10 (43%)

Zerodis 12V Travel Electric Car Kettle Electromagnetic Cup

  • Price : £39.99
  • Sale : £38.99
  • You Save : £1 (3%)

iNNOWARE 1000W Dual Voltage Travel Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Price : £17.99
  • Sale : £7.99
  • You Save : £10 (56%)

Quest 35420 Jug Kettle Strix Controller , 1.7 Litre, 2200 Watt

  • Price : £17.49
  • Sale : £12.4
  • You Save : £5.09 (29%)

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle - 1-Liter

  • Price : £25.99
  • Sale : £15.99
  • You Save : £10 (38%)

Arendo - 0.5l Stainless Steel Water Kettle, Energy Saving

  • Price : £27.99
  • Sale : £17.99
  • You Save : £10 (36%)

1 Litre White 900w Electric Cordless Kitchen Kettle

  • Price : £19.99
  • Sale : £8.99
  • You Save : £11 (55%)

Signature Cordless Jug Kettle, Boil Dry and Overheat Protection

  • Price : £10.99
  • Sale : £10.49
  • You Save : £0.5 (5%)

Russell Hobbs 24990 Small Electric Kettle 1 Litre

  • Price : £24.99
  • Sale : £11.48
  • You Save : £13.51 (54%)

Lakeland Travel Kettle Set with Beakers, Spoons

  • Price : £31.99
  • Sale : £21.99
  • You Save : £10 (31%)

Geepas Travel Electric Kettle | Stainless Steel Housing

  • Price : £14.93
  • Sale : £4.93
  • You Save : £10 (67%)

Being British, I miss a cup of hot tea while on the road! When you are traveling especially on road trips, you can't always take the luxury of tasty tea and coffee. So, how you can enjoy a hot cup of tea on road trips? Travel electric kettles are compact, affordable, and easy to use even you can easily fit them into your backpack.

Due to high demand, some travel electric tea kettle comes in foldable options for extra easiness. Small travel electric kettle also comes with mugs and spoons so that you need not carry such things with you.

To help our readers to find out the best travel electric kettle, we try to put all the most selling and value for money electric travel kettle. Our testing criteria is how long they take time to boil water, how easy to use while traveling, and whether they will deposit limescale in your tea? Our selected travel electric kettles can quick boil, easy to use, lightweight, and quieter.

What to Look for When Buying a Travel Electric Kettle?

If you want to pack your travel kettle into your stuffed backpack then you need a light and small travel electric kettle that easily fit with your luggage.Find out below how to compare the travel kettle and what you need in your kettle.

  • Weight: Your travel electric kettle must be lighter in weight. The airline baggage limits are going down each year and that's why electric kettle must be lighter. But do not compromise with quality and features for just saving 100 grams.
  • Size: Like weight, size also very important to consider. If you are travel with your electric kettle, you don’t want a separate bag to carry it.There are numbers of foldable, compatible, and portable travel kettle in our list that makes your packing a breeze!
  • Boiling Time: Like weight and size, checking the boiling time of travel electric kettle is also better. Some travel kettles can easily boil 500ml of water within 10 minutes! Like any tea lover, you can’t wait long for your morning cup of tea. If it is true, make sure you buy fast boiling travel electric kettle.
  • Price: We understand the feeling to save money for your next planned trip. There are good travel kettles available in the market that won't hurt your pocket. Even you can grab a travel kettle from Amazon at a discounted price. Make sure you won’t break your piggy-bank to buy travel electric kettle if you are short on cash.
  • Extra Features:Most of the travel electric kettles come with the option of dual voltage which makes them easy to adaptable to whatever country you travel. Some include cups, spoons, tea/coffee container, and a travel bag. If you plan to use your travel kettle in a caravan, or camper van and visiting in the hard water area, it is good to buy travel electric kettle with a limescale filter.

How to Clean Your Travel Electric Kettle?

When you don’t clean your cordless travel electric kettle often, minerals start to stick to its walls and base. These minerals collection affects the healing power of your travel electric kettle, dull the colors, and also decreases the taste of water.

To clean your kettle perfectly, you need to prepare a mixture made of equal parts of water and vinegar. Get boil this mixture into your electric kettle and then let it sit in for 20 minutes. Rinse the kettle several times until it is not completely clean. Dry the kettle and you will be ready to boil the water again with full power and taste of water for a favorite beverage.

Travel Kettle FAQ’s

Can I take travel electric kettle in luggage?

Kettles are not illegal items but they often find they flag during airport security checking scans. Try to put your travel kettle in easy to reach the place because customs might ask you to check it. Always check the list of restricted items by your airlines and also flying rules.

Are silicone travel kettles safe?

Silicon is rated as food safe material and it is fine to use it in making of the kettle. It only created issues if heated above the safe point temperature as silicone starts to break down and mixed with water. The breaking down the temperature of silicone is 250°C so there is no chance that it mixes with water easily.

Is plastic electric kettle safe?

If the plastic travel electric kettle is food safe and BPA free then it can be safe to prepare a drink. But over the long term use of plastic kettles, it breaks down and affects the taste of water. This process takes several years, so don’t worry about your travel electric kettle.

What’s better? Stainless steelor plastic travel kettles

If you want long term usage then go for stainless steel travel electric kettle, but it cost more. Stainless steel kettles are heavier in weight and more expensive than a plastic kettle. On the other hand, due to the high cost, companies make more reliable and durable stainless steel electric kettle as compared to plastic models.

Plastic electric kettles are tending to degrade and affect the taste of water if you use it every day for several years. Try to consider stainless steel kettle, otherwise plastic is fine for short term use.

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