Traditional Electric Kettles


Morphy Richards Electric Kettle New Accents Special Edition

  • Price : £137.19
  • Sale : £127.19
  • You Save : £10 (7%)

De'Longhi Scultura KBZ3001BK Kettle - Black

  • Price : £109.99
  • Sale : £86.94
  • You Save : £23.05 (21%)

De'Longhi Scultura KBZ3001W Kettle, 1.5 ltrs - White

  • Price : £109.99
  • Sale : £90.89
  • You Save : £19.1 (17%)

Breville VKJ175 Stainless Steel Traditional Kettle

  • Price : £50.89
  • Sale : £40.89
  • You Save : £10 (20%)

3 L, 2000 W, Fully automatic anti-scalding electric kettle

  • Price : £42
  • Sale : £32
  • You Save : £10 (24%)

Fenfen-shuihu Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 1000 W

  • Price : £37.94
  • Sale : £27.94
  • You Save : £10 (26%)

Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Kettle Large Capacity

  • Price : £36.71
  • Sale : £26.71
  • You Save : £10 (27%)

Kitchen Aid 5KEK1222BAC 1.25-Litre Dome Kettle

  • Price : £82.8
  • Sale : £79.99
  • You Save : £2.81 (3%)

Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Price : £59.99
  • Sale : £27.5
  • You Save : £32.49 (54%)

Tower Infinity Rapid Boil Traditional Kettle

  • Price : £28.79
  • Sale : £27.99
  • You Save : £0.8 (3%)

Swan Brand SK34010COPN Pyramid Kettle, 1.7 Litre

  • Price : £40
  • Sale : £30
  • You Save : £10 (25%)

Morphy Richards Kettle Evoke Kettle 104408 Electric Kettle

  • Price : £49.99
  • Sale : £36.99
  • You Save : £13 (26%)

Morphy Richards 108399 Arc Jug Kettle, 3 W, 1.7 liters, White

  • Price : £24.99
  • Sale : £21.99
  • You Save : £3 (12%)

Salter EK3218BLUE Metallics Polaris Dome Fast Boil Kettle

  • Price : £34.29
  • Sale : £24.29
  • You Save : £10 (29%)

Best Traditional Electric Kettle To Make Perfect Cup of Tea and Coffee!

Nobody can deny that the kettle is the most important part of British life. On average, British people consume 165 million of teacups, and 89 million cups of coffee, every day! This is enough to prove that a kettle makes its top place in the kitchen appliances.

Kettles are divided into two categories- electric and stovetop. Stovetop kettles are seemed more traditional; just fill them with water, place on the hob, and wait for the whistle. Some people feel it a romantic and friendly way of boiling the water, but as compared to a traditional electric kettle, stovetop kettle takes too much time to boil.

Here, we try to focus on the best traditional electric kettle models for the reason to save energy and time without compromising with the taste. The good news about kettle is that they are simple and you can find a good electric kettle without spending lots of money. Even a simple £20-£30 traditional electric kettle can do a fantastic job.

Modern electric kettles are featured with some pointless options such as smart kettles that are controlled from your phone. According to our point of view, it is pointless because the electric kettle isn’t taking much boiling time, so internet-connected technology just feels unnecessary.

According to our opinion, all you need in the traditional electric kettle is an on-off switch, auto shut-off feature, and a gauge to measure how many cups of water you need to prepare tea or coffee- this prevents wastage of water.

Stove Kettle vs. Electric Kettle

Two types of kettles are available: Stovetop kettle and electric kettle. In both cases, it is good that kettles are basic kitchen appliances and you don’t need to break your piggy-bank to buy kettles.

The stovetop kettle is a metal vessel that heats the water, having a lid, a handle, a spout, and a whistle. There’s nothing much tech features in it, and the life of these bottles are depended upon the quality of metal.

Electric kettles are a little bit more advance and loaded with modern features. When plugging in, an electric current flows through a metal coil which turns the energy into heat. That’s a pretty simple mechanism on which electric kettle works.

What features should I look out for? 

As we all know that kettles are a very important part of our kitchen to make tastier beverage without hassle. We are covering here the information about traditional electric kettle rather than stovetop kettles. There are some basic features that all modern kettles and even in cheap electric kettles have. Auto shut-off feature kick-off the process of manual on-off, and it automatically switch-off the electric kettle once the water is completely boiled.

Traditional electric kettle usually has protective mesh in the spout known as a limescale filter. It filters the drink and increases the taste. Try to buy an electric kettle with a gauge that shows the level max and min level of water. Most of the electric kettles have a maximum water capacity of 1.7 liters that makes approx. eight cups of tea.

One of the recommended features that you should have in your electric kettle is a multiple temperature setting. These are very useful options that help you enjoy the real taste of your beverage. For example, you can set an accurate temperature for coffee (95C), and green tea (between 70C and 80C is ideal). This feature is available in costlier electric kettles.

You should also check the size of the spout of your kettle for safety reasons. We found that too big spout can gush out the water unpredictably, and your cup can easily overflow. Thinner spout found in Gooseneck kettle can provide better results and grip, especially for coffee.

Is a Traditional Electric Tea Kettle Really Better?

Here are some reasons to take traditional electric kettle side:

  • Electric kettle is faster: It is scientifically proven that an electric kettle is safe to boil the water at a much faster speed as compared to stovetop kettle. You can buy from 1000-1500 kilowatt of the electric kettle as per your requirements.
  • No worry about exploding your kettle: The stovetop tea kettle is more likely to blow up. On the other hand, there are 0% chances that an electric kettle ever explodes. Even modern traditional electric kettles are bundled with more advanced safety features.
  • Less chance of burning your hand: Stovetop kettle gets hot, even if they have handles. Electric kettle doesn't get hot from outside which makes them safe to use.
  • No irritating whistle: Some people find the streaming whistle of stovetop kettle charming, but not all people like this sound, and might irritate them.On the other hand, most of the traditional electric kettle automatic shut-off when water boils- no screaming sound at all.
  • More precise:If you want to enjoy the perfect taste of your cup of coffee or tea, you need an accurate temperature. With electric kettle, it is possible through the temperature control feature, but with stovetop kettles, it is largely guesswork. Even some traditional electric kettle offer guaranteeing temperature for your beverage.

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