Cordless Electric Kettles


Daewoo SDA1696 Skandik 1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Price : £49.99
  • Sale : £39.99
  • You Save : £10 (20%)

Prestige - Heritage - Black Electric Kettle - Cordless

  • Price : £38.99
  • Sale : £37.99
  • You Save : £1 (3%)

Prestige - Heritage - Cream Electric Kettle - Cordless

  • Price : £37.99
  • Sale : £32.99
  • You Save : £5 (13%)

Philips HD 9334/90 - Cordless 360° Stylish Kettle

  • Price : £33.14
  • Sale : £23.14
  • You Save : £10 (30%)

Philips HD9351/91 Daily Collection 1.7 litres Kettle

  • Price : £113.44
  • Sale : £110.44
  • You Save : £3 (3%)

Philips HD9340 - electric Stainless Steel kettles

  • Price : £73.02
  • Sale : £63.02
  • You Save : £10 (14%)

Bosch TWK76075GB Village Cordless Kettle, 1.7 Litre

  • Price : £34.99
  • Sale : £30.99
  • You Save : £4 (11%)

Legacy 1.8L Cordless Jug Electric Kettle 2200W

  • Price : £29.99
  • Sale : £19.99
  • You Save : £10 (33%)

SQ Professional Epoque Green Electric Kettle

  • Price : £39.99
  • Sale : £29.99
  • You Save : £10 (25%)

SQ Professional Gems Range Legacy Electric Kettle

  • Price : £24.49
  • Sale : £14.49
  • You Save : £10 (41%)

Swan, SK19020GN, Retro 1.5 Litre Jug Kettle

  • Price : £39
  • Sale : £29
  • You Save : £10 (26%)

Team Kalorik Electric Glass Kettle, 1.5 L, 2200 W

  • Price : £44.99
  • Sale : £40.5
  • You Save : £4.49 (10%)

De'Longhi KBX3016.GR Argento Flora Kettle

  • Price : £63.67
  • Sale : £53.67
  • You Save : £10 (16%)

Swan SK34021GN Retro Dome Kettle, Fast Boil, 3kW

  • Price : £49.99
  • Sale : £39.99
  • You Save : £10 (20%)

efbe-Schott SC WK 1080.1 GRN Cordless Jug Kettle 1 Litre

  • Price : £44.06
  • Sale : £34.06
  • You Save : £10 (23%)

Cordless Electric Kettle Amazon

After testing multiple brands’ cordless electric kettle, we are here to show you a topmost recommendation. If you want quality, fast, portable, and reliable cordless electric kettles in the UK, we recommend continuing reading our buying guide below!

What Is Cordless Electric Kettle?

You can easily find out Coffee and Tea lovers around the world. Both are plant-based beverages and to take the maximum taste, you will need to perfectly boil the water. There are many ways to boil the water, but if you want the right temperature boiling water then nothing can match the cordless electric kettle.

Cordless electric kettles are much convenient because you aren't needed to constantly plug into the electricity socket. You can take your cordless kettle around your house, kitchen, and also you can eliminate the accidents caused by cords. The purpose of this article is to show you how cordless electric kettle works and how you can choose the best cordless electric kettle for yourself.

Types of Cordless Electric Kettles

Kettles are mainly made to boiling the water. Traditional kettles do not need cords because of their heating mechanism by using a stove, which conserves energy. But modern cordless electric kettles are featured with auto shut-off feature and temperature control, which automatically turns-off the kettle after reaching specific boiling temperature.

Cordless kettles are made from metal, glass, plastics, and a combination of various other materials. There are many types and designs of cordless electric kettles are available in the market, but here we discuss some popular material type electric kettles.

Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle

Stainless steel cordless electric kettle is known as the safest kettles in terms of health. Stainless steel is easy to clean and the kettle kept being much hygienic. It doesn't heat up fast which provides excellent heat isolation, and stainless steel is one of the sturdiest kettle materials.

Stainless steel cordless kettles interior and exterior are made from stainless steel, but the handles and power source are made from a mixture of plastic and rubber. The best advantage of these stainless steel kettles is that water does not change its taste and such kettles are free from other harmful chemicals that are found in standard plastic kettles. Modern stainless steel cordless kettles come with a filter that prevents the limescale inside the kettle.

Plastic Cordless Electric Kettle

Plastic electric kettles are not like by everybody. Plastic walls of the kettle are tending to reduce the taste of water and the beverage itself. Secondly, the concern of health because some manufacturers using low quality of plastic in their kettles which affect the health of customers, due to the presence of BPA.

However, some advantages are also present in plastic cordless electric kettles. Unlike steel and glass, it is not easy to heat it, and plastic kettles are much lighter in weight, which makes it easy to handle and portable. And of course- the prices are lower.

Glass Cordless Electric Kettle

Glass electric kettles are more elegant than plain plastic kettles and look nice than colored, or metal kettles. Glass cordless electric kettles can bring a fresh and modern look into your kitchen. Glass kettles make it easy to see how much water left in the kettle tank.

The glass electric kettles are easy to use, quick, quiet, and can boil one small cup of water if you need it. Because it has easy-to-read markings on its transparent water tank which shows water level precisely. The other best buy glass cordless electric kettle feature is that these kettles are better for keeping out the limescale and also can boil water quickly. Glass kettles are a little bit heavier as compared to other kettles.

What to Look for in a Good Cordless Kettle?

Buying cordless electric kettle is much easier if already know what features you need. Our team makes this process much easier for you by showing you the best cordless kettles. Here are some key factors in which you need to pay attention before picking up your cordless kettle.

  • Speed: Good cordless electric kettle can boil the water within 3-4 minutes, but many customers claim that their electric kettle can boil the water within a few seconds. Check the description of the kettle before buying it. Meanwhile, electric kettle whether cordless, or not, both must be faster than a microwave, or a stovetop kettle.
  • Temperature Setting: Tea lovers know that perfect tea taste is depending upon water temperature. Thus, to get a tasty tea, the right water temperature is important. Before buying a cordless electric kettle closely pays attention if they have different temperature setting options.
  • Price Tag: A simple cordless electric kettle can cost your 15£, but if you want an advanced kettle than its price range up to 80£ and more. If durability is not your subject and you want only fast boiling kettle, any cordless kettle can cost you between 15£-20£ range.
  • If you want more than one cup of tea or coffee, you will need to purchase a larger capacity kettle which provides more space. If you want only one or two cups of brew, consider buying a small cordless electric kettle.
  • Noise Level: All kettles produce some unpleasant noises while boil water. This sound might be unpleasant for some sensitive people group. Modern electric kettles produce a beeping sound in place of the whistle when they reach the desire boiling point. All types of sounds are annoying if not turned off quickly. That’s why check if the product reviews and see if customers complained about noise, or not.
  • Metal, glass, and plastic are the most common material for making electric kettles. Among them, Stainless steel and glass are highly demandable cordless electric kettles and better than plastic in terms of health concern. Plastic cordless electric kettles sell because of lightweight and low prices. Choose the material according to your preference and needs.
  • Weight: If you want your cordless kettle for limited usage within your kitchen then the weight is not a concerning point. But if you want portability then you must choose a lightweight cordless electric kettle to move around with conveniently. Check the weight of your kettle before buy.

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