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Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle 21400 - Black, 1.7 L

  • Price : £23.24
  • Sale : £13.24
  • You Save : £10 (43%)

Russell Hobbs 21600-10 Illuminating Glass Kettle

  • Price : £39.99
  • Sale : £29.99
  • You Save : £10 (25%)

Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity Electric Kettle

  • Price : £20.58
  • Sale : £10.58
  • You Save : £10 (49%)

Russell Hobbs 23910 Adventure Brushed Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Price : £21.99
  • Sale : £19.9
  • You Save : £2.09 (10%)

Russell Hobbs 24990 Small Electric Kettle 1 Litre

  • Price : £24.99
  • Sale : £11.48
  • You Save : £13.51 (54%)

Russell Hobbs 23840 Compact Travel Electric Kettle, Plastic

  • Price : £31.46
  • Sale : £13.46
  • You Save : £18 (57%)

Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Price : £59.99
  • Sale : £27.5
  • You Save : £32.49 (54%)

Russell Hobbs 21886 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle

  • Price : £54.99
  • Sale : £36.99
  • You Save : £18 (33%)

Russell Hobbs 23840 Compact Travel Electric Kettle

  • Price : £11.75
  • Sale : £11.75
  • You Save : £0 (0%)

Russell Hobbs 21470 Darwin 360 Immersed Kettle

  • Price : £17.53
  • Sale : £17.53
  • You Save : £0 (0%)

Russell Hobbs 26050 Cordless Electric Kettle

  • Price : £24.99
  • Sale : £14.99
  • You Save : £10 (40%)

Russell Hobbs 24990 Small Electric Kettle 1 Litre

  • Price : £24.99
  • Sale : £14.96
  • You Save : £10.03 (40%)

Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle

  • Price : £38.99
  • Sale : £38.49
  • You Save : £0.5 (1%)

Russell Hobbs K65 Anniversary Electric Kettle

  • Price : £59.99
  • Sale : £49.99
  • You Save : £10 (17%)

Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

In every house, boiling water is one of the simplest tasks. You just need to pour the water into the pot, or kettle, apply some heat, wait for some minutes, and you are done! In the modern age, electric kettles are the popular and quickest way to prepare your favorite tea, coffee, and cappuccino. These electric kettles offer more convenience, speed, and precision boiling water that you need for your tea or coffee. There is no match with traditional kettle with the electric kettle in terms of features and speed.

Why Should You Choose Russell Hobbs?

Russell Hobbs is an American British manufacturer company of household appliances. It was formed by William Russell and Peter Hobbs in the year 1952. By the year 1960s, Russell Hobbs becomes the primary brand as a kettle maker in the United Kingdom.

The first-ever automatic electric kettle is manufacture by Russell Hobbs which becomes a ground-breaking invention of this company.

Electric kettles are mainly known to boil the water, but it does not mean that all kettles are the same. If you want to invest your money to buy the best electric kettle, you need to be more careful. You need to take care of all the points of the best electric kettle like durability, easy to use, easy to clean, price, warranty, replacement, power, noise, size, weight, etc.

Another option is a Russell Hobbs electric kettle that has everything that you want. Built quality is good and durable, it can boil fast, consume less power, and easy to clean. They also come with a warranty and good customer care support. So, you can choose Russell Hobbs without any worry.

From the past 50 years at the British kitchens, Russell Hobbs always makes their presence by offering brilliant electric kettles. Russell Hobbs is a brand that produces stylish, quick, and modern electric kettles.

Combining the design and features, Russell Hobbs brings a chic touch and look to the kitchen. From elegant and beautiful glass electric kettles to traditional retro-style kettles, Russell Hobbs electric kettles are bundled with modern features. Limescale filters and non-drip pouring grip increases the convenience of customers. 

Vivid colors like cream, white, and built material such as stainless steel, glass adds some new and personal touch to your home and kitchen. All Russell Hobbs electric kettles come with a 360° rotational base which makes it easy to use it from both right and left hand.

Rapid boil elements make it easy to clean and simple to use. Russell Hobbs kettles feature with water indicators that help to save water and energy by boiling water that you required. Some models with Brita filters help to reduce the impurities and prevent building scale deposits which increase the taste of the beverage and ensure the long life of kettle.

If you are looking for a fast, affordable, and stylish kettle, Russell Hobbs electric kettles are one that you might choose.

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