How To Use Electric Kettle For Making Tea?

In the United Kingdom, where tea is a major part of life, every house has an electric kettle in kitchens. If you drink tea habitually, considering choosing a best electric kettle is a must. Modern electric kettles come with advanced features like “boil dry” protection. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about the pot boiling dry again, it cuts the power automatically once it reaches a boiling point or if there’s no more water left.

Today’s electric kettles can heat water according to temperature and it is very important for Green and herbal teas. You can find electric kettle very useful to make oatmeal or noodles instantly.

Electric Kettle Testing

1. We are trying to checked and determined that when water came to boil then how much time it takes.

2. We making a tea in the electric kettle, pouring tea from it, and then cleaned it to determine how much easy it is to clean and use an electric kettle.

3. We tested the water level marking of an electric kettle to determine the units of measurement are in Cups, Ounces or Liters.

4. We examine how much an electric kettle is convenient when preparing the beverage.

5. If electric kettle comes with water window, we tested if it is easy to see through it.

Before You Buy Electric Kettle

1. First of all, decide which model you want? Traditional stovetop kettle or a jug. Electric kettles are specially designed for homes. Jug style electric kettles are easier to fill and pouring beverage from it.

2. Choose from metal and plastic electric kettles. Plastic electric kettles are lighter in weight and convenient to use in your household activities.

3. Look for “Keep Warm” feature in electric kettle’s setting if you don’t want to immediately pour the beverage or will want a second cup without waiting longer.

4. Remember that more setting needs more programming and always make a choice of the simple electric kettle to avoid complication use.

Making Best Tea

> A cup of best tea is prepared with fresh and cold water. When you’re needed to make a tea for the whole day then you has to boil the full kettle. But if you want one cup of tea in the morning and, then late in the afternoon, it’s better to refill the electric kettle each time of use.

> To maximize the flavour of tea, pour the hot water over tea leaves or a tea bag, rather than dipping the tea leaves or bag in a pot of hot water.

> Remain tea for 3-4 minutes; green tea will need lesser brewing time. Do not judge the strength of tea by its colour, the type of tea determines the colour of a tea.

> Wash your electric kettle tank with a solution of half white vinegar and half water. Then bring to boil, rinse the kettle with fresh water and here are you ready to go again!