Cordless Electric Kettles

Your Guide To Buying a Cordless Electric Kettle

One of the most recent improvements in the history of kettle design that has been confirmed to be very useful, comfortable and popular worldwide is the Cordless Electric Kettles. Having no more embedded power cords like a tail makes it more portable, which offers a level of convenience that traditional electric kettles are unable to provide.

About Cordless Electric Kettles

Cordless electric kettles come in two parts: the base, main part of the kettle and the container or jug, which incorporates with the heating element at the base. The kettle base is connected with by its power cord to any safe located power outlet. The kettle then sits on the top of the base and makes a secure, uninterrupted electrical connection with it.

When switched on, the electricity travels through the base to the heating element of the kettle. When the water reaches the boiling temperature, the inbuilt heat thermostat ensures that it automatically switches off. The cordless electric kettle then just elevated off from its base and carried by hand to wherever it’s desired. There’s no annoying attached cable to disconnect because the electric cord is permanently attached to the base.


Cordless Electric Kettles Design Features

Cordless electric kettle like other electric kettles, have various advance and useful features included. When you’re choosing a cordless electric kettle, the following featured design may be worthy to be considering.

Thermostatic Control

All modern electric kettles are featured with a thermostat. It ensures that the electric power will be cut when the water reaching their set boiling temperature, which is very important to prevent the overflow of the boiling water and damaging the heating element.

Power Rating

Electric kettle designs have improved day by day and over the years with a corresponding increase in heating efficiency. However, it stills the parameter of actual power rating of the cordless electric kettle that determines how quickly it can boil the water. Any cordless electric kettle with power rating of 3000 watts or more is defined as a fast boil cordless kettle.

Rotatable Base

A recent invention in the designs of the cordless electric kettles is the rotatable base. This makes the kettle jug to be returned to its base whether it is held by left hand or right hand. Cheap cordless electric kettles don’t have this superb feature, but it is good to consider it for extra convenience.

Water Level Indicator

Having a water level indicator feature in the cordless electric kettle clearly shows how much water is currently left in the kettle. This is much economic because it is easy to fill the kettle with only as much as water as per requirement for the occasion. Some electric kettles have both sides of water level indicator so that the water can be seen from any angle.

On/Off Light

This is for safety and convenience, but important as much. It just to indicate that the electric kettle is switching on and the water is being heated. It can be a very useful feature in the electric kettle, however, if a fault is developed. If the kettle is failed to heat up the water but the light is on, it means that the kettle’s element fails to heat or power supply is interrupted.

Buying a Cordless Electric Kettle

Cordless electric kettles can be easily bought from any household goods or kitchenware shops. Most of the supermarkets now carry at least a few brands of the cordless electric kettle. Many are marketed under famous brand names and can be relied upon to safety and efficiency. Cordless electric kettles can also be bought with discounts or offers at online shopping platforms like with a wide variety and models.